Birthdays and Rainbows

Happy Birthday, David Klee!

In celebration of Dave being 6 months older than me, we had a lovely dinner at Capitol Grill.  It felt like being back in NYC, although I still think NYC has better service.  And I’m not just saying that because 1/2 my friends are waiters.  A couple of filets, a wine tasting, and flour-less chocolate birthday cake later, we were very happy people!


But that’s not the only birthday celebrated so far this month!  Mom turned yet another year older too, and celebrated her anniversary with Papa Shook on the same day!  Happy 38 Blissful Years, Mom & Dad!  I’m glad you were able to celebrate in style at the Sagamore in Lake George, NY, and a trip to the Racino, of course, as well!


I think the universe was so happy about all this birthday love this week, that it simply could not help but shine a perfect rainbow down on us.

Rainbow Over 888Rainbows at 888

That’s not even just a perfect, complete rainbow, but it’s also a double rainbow on the left hand side!  Have I mentioned I love my home?

This weekend we are heading up to West Palm Beach for a birthday get-away, so expect an update on that adventure soon, along with an announcement of some exciting news on the employment front!  Florida has done alright by me this week.  Even if Dave and I did get caught in a torrential downpour soaking us through to the core, despite our use of umbrellas.  She’s fickle, that Florida.

More to come soon!

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