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Words of Praise for Kelly Onstage

White Christmas- The Wick Theatre 

Kelly Shook as Betty Haynes brings on the heartbreak in her torch song Love, You Didn’t Do Right By Me. It’s a moment that you wish could be frozen in time.
— Michelle F. Solomon, MiamiArtZine

Even now, those glitches are overwhelmed by standout memories such as Kelly Shook as the heartbroken heroine who thinks her new love has feet of clay, singing the torchy “Love, You Didn’t Do Right By Me.”      
— Bill Hirschman, Florida Theatre On Stage

Kelly Shook (Betty Hanes) captures a kind of wounded melancholy that works well for the role, especially in her wonderful rendition of “Love, You Didn’t Do Right By Me.”         
— John Lariviere, Talkin’ Broadway

White Christmas- VA Musical Theatre  

The ladies do well opposite the men. Ms. Shook is more than a match for Mr. Maderas (as Phil Davis). Their moments onstage are pure joy.        

Guys and Dolls- The Mac-Haydn Theatre

Kelly plays Miss Adelaide as a tragic heroine. That may sound weird, but it works. In fact, her tragedy is plainly built into the script and lyrics, I had just never heard them so clearly before. With a pile of blonde curls on her head, an irrepressible squeak in her voice, and her box of Kleenex clutched tightly to her bosom Kelly’s Adelaide bravely fights an apparently futile battle for her man and her sanity in every scene – except when she joins her chorus girls onstage at the Hot Box in hilariously talent-free production numbers.
Kelly is delightfully paired with John Saunders’ Nathan. By the time he and Kelly tackle their heart-wrenching duet 
Sue Me late in the second act, featuring powerful vocals from both players, you wonder if Nathan and Adelaide’s relationship will ever heal. But then Miss Sarah and Miss Adelaide team up for their big duet Marry the Man Today and you are left with no doubt that Nathan and Sky’s carefree bachelor days are over. Basically, what Kelly and Karla have done with these conventionally two-dimensional roles is turned them in to three-dimensional women with whom, for all their comedic stereotyping, the audience can easily relate.
—The Chatham Courier

Respect: A Musical Journey of Women -Detroit Company

The show centers on one witty narrator, played by Kelly Shook who brings the crowd back up with Janis Joplin’s rollicking Piece of My Heart.
—Detroit Observer

The energetic and slickly-paced revue unfolds courtesy of three-time Tony Award winner Hinton Battle, whose staging is near-flawless. So, too, are the performances of Kelly Shook (the unnamed narrator) and ensemble.
—PrideSource Magazine

The ensemble of 4 women are so good at everything they do that it is impossible to single out favorites.
—Detroit Monitor

42nd Street- The Mac-Haydn Theatre

For this production she has choreographed all the splendid dance numbers and plays the leading role of Peggy Sawyer, the girl who goes out there and unknown and comes back a star. The Shook sisters are the stars of this production in every sense of the word. They are front and center in almost every scene and dance number and their youth, talent and enthusiasm is exhilarating.
—The Chatham Courier

Gypsy- The Mac-Haydn Theatre

Kelly L. Shook provides many touching moments as Louise aka Gypsy. Shook is a very good Louise; an attractive woman and a strong dancer, she is capable of appearing gawky and clumsy as the role requires for most of the first act until she makes the transition from young girl to young woman.
—The Chatham Courier

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